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Moelfre, Anglesey
Gallery 6:  Lligwy and Traeth yr Ora

Lligwy | Traeth yr Ora | Din Lligwy

Traeth Lligwy (Lligwy Beach)

Lligwy Beach is just a couple of miles from Moelfre village.  The beach has a great stretch of sand, very extensive at low tide, and is popular with visitors.  It is surrounded by open countryside so it has a much more open feel to it than other beaches.  Several caravan sites and other holiday facilities are within walking distance.

If travelling by car, there are two car parks.  They are both pay and display with tickets on sale in the small shop in the south car park.  Alternatively, the walk from Moelfre (30-60 minutes) is one of the most popular sections on the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path.

In the photos below, the beach is fairly quiet.  The photos were all taken in springtime of 2012 just as the Easter holidays were beginning.  In the summer the beach is a lot busier.


Traeth yr Ora

Traeth yr Ora is a small sandy beach at the mouth of Dulas Bay and is on the seaward side of the stretch of land that protects the inlet at Dulas.  It is about a mile north of Lligwy, but is usually much quieter, probably because it can't be reached by car.  Nearest parking facilities are at Lligwy Beach, but there are several camping and caravan sites nearby.

I took these photos on a walk from Lligwy to Traeth yr Ora and back again along the coastal path.  There are a couple of inlets and small beaches on the way and the first two photos below are of one of these, Porth y Môr.

From the beach, Ynys Dulas, a small rocky outcrop with a tower, looks as though it is almost opposite.  In fact it is much closer to the land on the north side of Dulas Bay and I have a couple of photos of it on another page.  The final picture in this set is the start of the path that leads away from the beach up to the lane.  It is also the Coastal Path route around Traeth Dulas.


Din Lligwy

Din Lligwy is part of a group of remains from three completely different ages.  Din Lligwy itself was an ancient settlement, thought to be used until the 4th century AD.  The remains of several buildings and the perimeter wall can be seen.  Much older is the Burial Chamber (Cromlech Lligwy) with its huge cap stone.  There are also remains of a 12th century chapel (Hen Capel Lligwy).  They are all located just off the lane between Lligwy Beach and the roundabout at the top of the main road into Moelfre (Ffordd Cocsyn Richard Evans).

The images below are all scanned from old prints and were originally taken about 2001.

From left to right, the pictures show the Din Lligwy settlement (2 pictures), the burial chamber and the chapel.


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