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A selection of links about Moelfre and district.  All the links on the page were checked in April 2012, and all broken links were removed as were those to commercial sites (restaurants, accommodation, etc).  All links now open in a new window.

I am happy to add links to other information or community pages.  If you have a commercial site (i.e. promoting a business such as a restaurant or holiday accommodation) I am happy to exchange links.  This site works with several domain names, but the main one I use is  The link to my Moelfre galleries is

Anglesey and Moelfre Information:

Moelfre Lifeboat Station:

Dic Evans Memorial Sculpture:

St Gallgo's Church:

  • - Website of the Parish and Church of St Gallgo, Llanallgo, in the Diocese of Bangor.  The church has a memorial to the victims of the Royal Charter tragedy in 1859, 140 of those who died are buried at St Gallgo's and there is a page on the site about it.  There are also pages about the parish, its people and services, history of the church and the recently completed restoration of the church's unique 13th century bell.  My grandparents who lived in Moelfre are buried in the church cemetery.

Din Lligwy, the Burial Chamber and old Chapel:


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