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Risley Royal Ordnance Factory
Filling Factories Nationally, Page 2

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This is one of a series of pages aiming to place ROF Risley into a national context by describing the locations and current situations of the 16 Royal Ordnance Filling Factories that were active during World War II.  Most of my information has come from online searches and looking at Google's aerial imagery.  If you believe that you can add to any of this information or improve its accuracy, please get in touch through my Contact page (linked from the Contents page).

On this page:  Filling Factories 1-4.

Filling Factories 1-4

Filling Factory 1: Chorley

Pre-1974 County:  Lancashire
Post-1974 County:  Lancashire

Buckshaw village, a modern development in Euxton, north west of the centre of Chorley, between Chorley and Leyland.

Current Situation:
Very recent housing development, although sections of the site are still identifiable.

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Filling Factory 2: Bridgend

Pre-1974 County:  Glamorganshire
Post-1974 County:  Mid Glamorgan

Bridgend Industrial Estate, Waterton, south east of the centre of Bridgend.

Current Situation:
Redeveloped into the industrial estate some time ago, although some sections remain.  I believe that the former admin buildings might now be the HQ of South Wales Police.

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Filling Factory 3: Glascoed

Pre-1974 County:  Monmouthshire
Post-1974 County:  Gwent

Between Usk and the village of Glascoed, east of Pontypool.

Current Situation:
Remained open and became BAE Systems Glascoed.  Whilst the site facilities will obviously have been updated, the basic layout of a typical ROF with its small buildings surrounded by earth mounds is still very apparent and I would guess that many of the buildings probably date from the original WW2 ROF.


As an operational establishment,
I prefer not to display a satellite image 
of this former ROF Filling Factory.
I have no idea if there are any rules about this,
but I prefer to play safe, just in case!
There are only 2 factory sites where I have
taken this approach.



Filling Factory 4: Hereford

Pre-1974 County:  Herefordshire
Post-1974 County:  Hereford & Worcester
(now Herefordshire)

South east of the centre of Hereford, between Lower Bullingham and Rotherwas.

Current Situation:
Appears to be a modern industrial estate although much of the road layout and several, perhaps many, of the buildings appear to be from the ROF.  There is a row of isolated buildings surrounded by earth mounds at the south end of the site.

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