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Warrington Wolves
Homecoming Parade 2010

Warrington Wolves, winners of the Carnegie Challenge Cup 2010

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Having won the cup in 2009, Warrington successfully defended the trophy for the first time in the club's history with a stunning 30-6 victory against Leeds Rhinos at Wembley on 28th August 2010.  The following day there was a homecoming parade through Warrington from Woolston along Manchester Road to the Town Hall where players and officials were invited for a civic reception.

This page has a gallery of photos that I took during the homecoming that I hope captures the atmosphere as the whole town seemed to celebrate with The Wire.

Photo sales available here:

Photographs - 2010 Homecoming

Click on any of the images to see a larger version.  The larger photos are all 810x540 pixels and have been cropped and significantly reduced from the originals.  The originals were shot on two DSLR cameras at 15 or 10 megapixels.

At the Stadium
Taken a little earlier in the afternoon outside the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

The Build Up at The Town Hall
The crowds were starting to build from 3pm when the Town Hall Gardens were opened.

Church Street
We were standing on Church Street a short distance up from the big roundabout by Mersey Street and Fennel Street.  With Lance Todd Trophy winner Lee Briers holding the cup, it was a great opportunity to get some photos of the cup itself.

Winmarleigh Street
On our way to the Town Hall, we managed to see them again as they approached the Town Hall Gates along Winmarleigh Street.

Town Hall Gardens
Finally, a series of photos as the bus entered the Town Hall Gardens and with the players on the Town Hall steps.



Video Slideshow

A video that I recently produced from many of the photos on this page.



Photo Sales Now Available

Photo Sales:
Prints of many of these images are available for sale online if you would like any for your own collection.  See my online photo-sales facility at (opens in a new window).  All photos are unbranded, without my logo or text annotations.

Using These Images:
If you would like to use any of these photos in printed or online publications, please get in touch.  I can offer them branded or unbranded.  This gallery is also available on Facebook and I would be pleased to share them with relevant Facebook groups or pages.

With a lot of experience and having photographed several events, I am looking to set up professionally as a part-time freelance photographer for evening and weekend work.  I am also interested in supporting the work of established photography businesses that might need an additional photographer for specific one-off events or longer term.  If you might be interested in these services, please get in touch.  My other site is at


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