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Birchwood's Walled Garden
Old Aerial Photos

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In 1973 | In 1983 | In 1993 | Today (Google)

Aerial views of the Walled Garden and surrounding area taken in 1973, 83 and 93, as part of aerial surveys of Cheshire.  All images from the survey are subject to copyright.  Copyright was transferred in April 2009 from the former Cheshire County Council to Cheshire West & Chester Council & Cheshire East Council.  Specific details are shown alongside each image.  I have also embedded a modern version courtesy of Google Maps for comparison.

In 1973

Copyright 2006 Cheshire West & Chester Council & Cheshire East Council All rights reserved.

Flown and captured by Hunting Surveys Ltd 1971-3.

Digitally converted by Genesys International Ltd & The Aerial Surveyor Ltd 2005/6.

This was in the final days of the remains of the former Risley Royal Ordnance Factory.  Demolition of the site had already begun in preparation for developing the area into Birchwood.  On the photo, the main road is Warrington Road, the buildings to the north are the former almshouses and Roberts Fold, the lay-by at the Oakwood Gate entrance can still be seen, but all of the entrance buildings have been demolished.  The dark area immediately north west of the reservoir is an area of mature trees that had existed since the days of the pre-war farms.  It still exists today, although less distinct as more recently planted trees have now matured to enlarge the woodland.


In 1983

Copyright 2009 Cheshire West & Chester Council & Cheshire East Council All rights reserved.

Flown and captured by
AirViews - Manchester Ltd 1983-5.

Digitally converted by Bluesky
International Ltd 2009.


By 1983, people were living in Birchwood.  Much of Oakwood and Locking Stumps had been completed although building in Gorse Covert was only just beginning.  This picture shows that the Walled Garden had been laid out, but the plants were only just becoming established.  The "dog-bone" roundabout, now named after Warrington cricketer George Duckworth, was only partly complete, the northern part still being used as a normal roundabout.  One section of the westbound carriageway of Birchwood Way was under construction, and the strip of mature woodland mentioned above can clearly be seen.


In 1993 

Copyright 2009 Cheshire West & Chester Council & Cheshire East Council All rights reserved.

Flown and captured by National Remote Sensing Centre Ltd 1992-3.

Digitally converted by Bluesky International Ltd 2009.

By 1993, the area was beginning to look more like the Birchwood of today.  The petrol filling station and garage had been built, this part of Birchwood Way was complete and the trees had become much more established, to the extent that it is becoming more difficult to pick out the Walled Garden.


The Area Today

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This view uses Google imagery, almost to the same scale.

You can zoom in and out and move around, switch to different views or overlay the street map ("show labels"), or use Street View, as with all Google mapping.


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