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Risley Moss
Woodland Hide

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There are two hides within Risley Moss, the Woodland Hide and the Mossland Hide.  The woodland Hide looks out to an area of the woods where wildlife is encouraged with food at certain times of the year, although not in the summer months.  A wide variety of woodland birds visit the area, although they often have to compete with the grey squirrels for some of the food.  On the day I took many of the winter snowy scenes photos, in the space of just 5 minutes, sitting in the hide, I saw a dunnock, robins, blackbirds, chaffinches, woodpigeons, a woodpecker, nuthatches, great tits, marsh or willow tits and plenty of reed buntings.

The other hide overlooks a corner of the mossland, but it is often the case that more birds including hobbies and the occasional buzzard can be more easily seen from by the Observation Tower.

This gallery is a work in progress, so I will progressively be adding more photos from my collection that I have taken from the Woodland Hide.

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